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In order to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible, we have created a Metropolis primer for your review.

In  this primer, we are including the services that we offer our fantastic customers,and the best ways in which to reach us via phone, internet or email.

Let’s start with our webpage. Check us out at www.wearemetropolis.com

If you want to call the main office, you can reach us from 10 AM  through 4 PM at 301-779-1800.

If you want to send us an email you can email us at community@mymetropolis.net

Our after hours emergency number is 877-881-0642.

If you  want to just leave a message, how about using Fastrac? Just call 301-825-8881.  Your message will be transcribed, using VoIP technology and one of our Community Relations Specialist will respond to your request within 24   hours.

There is always CommunityWatch©. Sign up now and you can avoid email and phone calls.




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Fastrac: We know how busy you are. With FasTrac, you can call 24/7 from your smartphone or computer and leave a detailed message for one of our team members.  Your message will be transcribed and converted to text using VOIP technology and sent to your Community Relations Specialist. Want to try? Just register for CommunityWatch💫 and click on Fastrac from your very own My CommunityWatch💫 Dashboard for the full CommunityWatch💫 experience.  If you’re on the go, just call Fastrac at 301-825-8881. Now that’s a number, you might want to have in your cell phone.

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: This is 24/7  phone number used exclusively for homeowners like you who have comments about my company. As the owner of the company, I want to hear how successfully, or unsuccessfully, my staff  have performed. If any of my team members are not friendly, professional and sincerely interested in your issue, then I need to reevaluate their relationship with my company. Plain and simple.  Just call 301-200-8115

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Community@mymetropolis.netThis is the email address that homeowners can send requests to our team.  Our email team has a responsibility to reply to your email within 24/48 hours of receipt.  We like to get them done within 24 hours, but sometimes we have a lot of inquisitive homeowners asking information about their community.  But, if you haven’t gotten a response within 48  hours, please contact us, using our Metchec line.  MetChek? That’s one of the systems I have in place to make sure that my team provides you with really great service.   Just call 301-200-8115

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Survey:  On  your CommunityWatch💫 web page, you have the ability to grade any of my team members at any time. Please let me know how well you feel they are representing my company. Don’t hesitate  to fill out a survey, My team members are the cornerstone of my company. If I don’t know if something’s wrong, I can’t fix it. So, please help me by letting me know just how satisfied you were with my team’s performance.  We believe they are a great group with knowledge, heart and experience.

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CommunityWatch💫: This is our own unique, on the fly, trackable, transparent management and communication system. Go ahead and sign up now. All you need is to send a request to community@mymettopolis.net.  We need your name, your cell phone number, your address and email address. Once you sign up, you can receive notifications via your cell phone or email. It’s way cool!

Connect –  Want to pay your assessment online? It’s easy with Connect.

Search If you don’t remember your conversation number, no worries.  Search here using any keywords you recall during your conversation.

Your Personal Stream is where you can check on the activity on all the conversations that you have opened. So if you wonder what you might have sent out, or even conversations that you have been included in…jump on and check em’ out…

Say hello to Shout Out.  Want to post a comment about our service? Or give a Shout Out to someone in your community or Metropolis.  Sign up for Shout Out. Simple and easy to use. Shout Out is a social media tool so we all can make sure that staff members are upholding our Mission Statement.  At Metropolis, your opinion counts!

UNI ( pronounced you and I. Get it? It’s better than Next Door and allows you to manage your UNI requests, invite participants, sell items, and coordinate events.  Like the icon says..” we are all connected, thanks to UNI.

OneStop  Want to check your account balance? Want to contact our office when on the computer? Or maybe retrieve some documents from the communities file. OneStop, your OneStop shop.

Start a Conversation – Now this is the most important module.  If you want to send us a conversation, just open up “Start a Conversation”.  Its. fast, fun and you can ever open a conversation from your smartphone. C’mon, go ahead and open one up.

Fastrac We know how busy you are. With FasTrac, you can call 24/7 from your phone or computer and leave a detailed message. Your message will be converted to text using VOIP technology and sent to your Community Relations Specialist.Want to try? Just register for CommunityWatch💫 and click on Fastrac from your very own My CommunityWatch💫 Dashboard. Ya Gotta love technology! Just call 301-825-8881 or register or login into your CommunityWatch💫 Dashboard for the full experience! So, if you’re on the go just call Fastrac at 301-825-8881.  Now that’s a number, you might want to have in your cell phone.

Your own community website.  Just sign up thru CommunityWatch💫 and you no no longer need a URL to find your community website. With CommunityWatch💫 you get so much on your very own community website.  You get a Letter From the President which shares updated information with you.

Then, there’s My Community.  My Community lists some fun places to go in case you are looking for something to do in your neighborhood.  And, if you have some recommendations about really cool places, like bars or restaurants, send us an email at Community@mymetropolis.net and share your ideas with the Board of Directors. There is a calendar which identifies important dates, and my favorite…blogs about happenings in your community… All of this on a webpage for easy access.


On your own community webpage you also get the same services that CommunityWatch💫 offers which includes CommunityWatch💫, Fastrac, Homewise Docs,Connect and Feedback. Plus, my team members are able to answer any questions you might have at 301-779-1800.


So welcome to Metropolis. Our goal? To continue to redefine community management, and to provide a transparent representation of all transactions occurring in your community. And, at the same time, generate a sense of personal connection and dedication to solving community members’ concerns or issues. Together,  I know that we can make this happen. One homeowner at a time.


Thanks for taking the time to review our primer.  One more thing, if you want to get in touch with me personally just send an email to MJLOBB@wearemetropolis.com


Sincerely yours,

Martin J Lobb



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