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In order to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible, we have created a Metropolis primer for your review. In this primer, we are including the services that we offer our

Then, there’s My Community.  My Community lists some fun places to go in case you are looking for something to do in your neighborhood.  And, if you have some recommendations about really cool places, like bars or restaurants, send us an email at Community@mymetropolis.net and share your ideas with the Board of Directors. There is a calendar which identifies important dates, and my favorite…blogs about happenings in your community… All of this on a webpage for easy access.

On your own community webpage you also get the same services that CommunityWatch offers which includes CommunityWatch, Fastrac, Homewise Docs,Connect and Feedback. Plus, my team members are able to answer any questions you might have at 301-779-1800.

So welcome to Metropolis. Our goal? To continue to redefine community management, and to provide a transparent representation of all transactions occurring in your community. And, at the same time, generate a sense of personal connection and dedication to solving community members’ concerns or issues. Together,  I know that we can make this happen. One homeowner at a time.  

Thanks for taking the time to review our primer.  One more thing, if you want to get in touch with me personally just send an email to MJLOBB@wearemetropolis.com

Sincerely yours,

Martin J Lobb



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